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                       “Find your niche. Something specific that nobody else is doing.” – Elon "The Stylist" Davis

Elon The Stylist is the owner of The Hair Ministry in Winter Park, Fla. Since she was a little girl, she always had a passion for hair. “My mom’s best friend owned a hair salon and her son was the apple of my eye. I had a big crush on her son and he grew up in that world,” laughs Elon. He knew a little bit about hair once taught her how to braid the hair on her dolls while on a family vacation to Miami, Fla. That’s when Elon says she fell in love with hair.

Being a hairstylist is something you need to have a true passion for because it’s not a stable income if you don’t market it right. It can go up and down, and there are seasons that are slower than others — especially when you’re a specialist like Elon, who specializes in natural-looking extensions.

“I basically came home one day as a little girl and told her that I was going to Harvard. She asked me what I’d study at Harvard, and I said cosmetology. So she laughed and literally she told everybody that story.” – Elon The Stylist

The holiday seasons are the busiest. People are always going to book appointments around Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Generally, there’s a dip between January and February, but Elon’s growing her team to avoid the ups and downs. And she’s constantly evolving her skill set to increase customer loyalty.

Leaving a Comfortable Life
There’s comfort in doing what you love, plus it doesn’t feel like work. If you get a job that pays $100,000 per year but you hate it, you’re going to be miserable. Elon worked in recruiting for four years and had just gotten promoted before deciding to jump ship. She had a luxury apartment, she would get her nails done with her mom every week — life was good.

Money brings comfort, but not true joy.” – Elon The Stylist

Elon’s parents both come from corporate backgrounds, and they ultimately wanted her to go into what they did or something similar for stability. From a very young age, Elon’s mother told her she didn’t want her to just be a hairstylist. She wanted her to also develop a business mindset so she could own the hair salon, and that became the goal. However, other opportunities would pull her in and out of cosmetology school throughout the years before she decided to jump ship.

Despite becoming a hairstylist and owner of her own salon, the transition was a hard time for her. At one point she almost lost her apartment and got her car repossessed before getting help from her mom to make ends meet.

Following Her Calling
When we met with Elon, she shared that she recently received a few additional job offers. It was a final test for her. One was for a recruiting role with the highest paying salary she’s ever been offered. The next day, though, she got a call about a teaching job at her old cosmetology school — one for which she came highly recommended. “Money versus passion? It wasn’t even a question,” she says.

Elon taught previously at the school with a braiding license she earned while simultaneously pursuing her cosmetology license. It wasn’t until then she realized she was a natural-born leader and educator.

“I’ve been fasting and praying. I want to prove to my parents I got it — this is what I was born to do.” – Elon The Stylist

Elon credits God as her No. 1 supporter because he was told her to jump ship and navigate quitting the job that year. Since then, she’s learned to trust Him in discovering the many different directions you can go in this industry. And every day more doors are opening for her.

Elon also says her best friend she met at cosmetology school is now also her business partner who’s come to her rescue many times. If she needs to do a service that’s not so familiar, Alicia will run over with food to help. Elon’s mom is another person she’s always able to count on. Now she’s also starting to see her as a businesswoman.

Marketing Advice From Elon
Elon purposely wears her hair in a natural type of style because she likes to promote healthy, natural hair. In fact, most people don’t know her hair is natural. She also wears extensions that she blends in carefully with her own to look real. They’re big and get a lot of attention — essentially like a walking billboard. “My biggest key is making sure I look good everywhere I go,” says Elon. Everything is strategic so she can strike up a conversation when coming across people meeting her target demographic.

Recently reaching the YouTube threshold for subscribers and views, Elon is now able to earn regular checks from Google ads, an exciting accomplishment for her.

“Find your niche. Something specific that nobody else is doing.” – Elon Davis

Elon’s advice is to stay up to date on what’s trending and popular if you want to be successful on YouTube. Figure out who’s watching your videos and what captures their eyes, so you can start developing a specific target audience.

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