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“It’s important to experiment with different templates and styles until you grow your voice.” – Kassandra Vargas

Kassandra “Kassay” Vargas got her start in front of cameras at an early age when she decided she wanted to become an actress — she even ended up getting her own agent! She quickly learned what it takes to be in that industry. Many successful actresses had to be considered a “triple threat” to get their big break, so that’s when YouTube videos really started to get her attention instead. Kassay quickly began looking into YouTube videos seriously and realized people were making money off of it. She then kickstarted her research into the known influencer industry we have today.

Finding Her Footing

Almost like fate Kassay’s research coincided with real-life events, where her peers were asking where she would get her wardrobe or certain items of clothing she owned and wore. Quickly learning she could turn those questions into answers and linking those items into a blogging niche online for everyone to see, she finds it amazing that she began her brand in high school and is now focusing on it more seriously since her first semester in college.

Kassay’s mother has always been her greatest supporter and role model. Her family members are all subscribers to her blog and always share her content on their own social media to further show support. Every blogger knows that to have amazing photos you need someone amazing behind the camera, and that’s her brother! Always standing behind her even when she first started out, Kassay’s family never questioned if she’d be successful or not. They were simply happy she was doing something she loves to do — and scoring all those free clothes at that!

Setting Up Shop

So, what exactly goes into blogging equipment-wise? Using her own resources, especially in the beginning. She used her iPhone, MacBook, and, which she still uses today and only pays for the domain yearly. Now that she has expanded her audience, she’s invested in a ring light for enhanced lighting, a professional camera, and an upgraded iPhone.

Her technology isn’t the only thing that’s evolved since starting out. Kassay’s photo editing and writing have matured as well. Starting out she admits her grammar needed some improvement, and her photos have also taken an impressive turn as well. With the otherwise saturated market of the influencer industry, it is essential to stand out from other bloggers — that’s where having graphic design skills has tremendously helped her stand out.

“It’s important to be ahead of schedule and create a schedule for yourself.”

She keeps her content calendar in an Excel spreadsheet and jots down big-name events. Planning content a month in advance keeps it so there isn’t a lull when posting content. For example, September is known in the blogging community for the heavily media-influenced New York Fashion Week, so her posts will be centered around that event or any major upcoming holidays and new seasons. This includes topics such as winter beauty trends or falls fashion, which results in higher engagement. She also links coupons, or any cashback deals when referencing certain beauty items or pieces of clothing, making it resourceful for her followers.

Finding Your Voice

Kassay did not always know the path and direction she wanted to take and said,

“It’s important to experiment with different templates and styles until you grow your voice.”

She wants her peers to know it’s important to stay true to yourself. Sometimes when first starting out in anything you want to please those around you. Instead, focus on finding your own writer’s voice. You’ll see your style potentially changes over time instead of every day.

In fact, some bigger companies have discovered her blog and she hopes she can one day share what she knows with other fellow bloggers. Many first-time bloggers have the preconceived notion that you need a huge following to work with other brands or influencers, but Kassay assures that’s not the case. She encourages anyone considering breaking out in the blogging business to just try it. You never know if you don’t try!

Finding Inspiration

Coinciding with her passion for blogging, Kassay loves shopping! The two go hand-in-hand and it’s no secret that the two contribute to her success as a blogger now. Her favorite stores to shop at are Macy’s and Forever 21. Always looking out for the hottest new items at an affordable price, Kassay also loves shopping at Marshalls and Target.

As a current full-time student, Kassay hopes blogging will become lucrative for her long term. In fact, she aspires to work at a magazine upon graduating college until blogging pays off.

“It’s important to experiment with different templates and styles until you grow your voice.”