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                     “Failure is temporary, quitting makes it permanent.” – Carlos Vargas

Carlos Vargas will tell you he’s in the business of people — the business of helping people. In his career as a professional salesman, he developed a deep passion for others, the community and the environment that led him to opening his own solar panel company.

Looking Into the Future
Carlos estimates that in the next 10 to 20 years solar will be the primary source of energy, especially in Florida. The benefits for anyone who owns a home are vast. They can not only save on electricity and related power costs but also help the planet by going green. This outgoing business owner loves talking to people, especially about the benefits of solar energy.

In the near future, Carlos hopes to expand within the state of Florida by hiring new team members so that multiple teams can be dispatched at the same time. As the business prospers, he plans to continue putting money back into the local community. Expanding upon his love of basketball and tennis outside of work, Carlos especially wants to help children through supporting local sports and events. Long-term wise, he wants the business to become a national household name in solar energy and known for its positive impact on the community.

Growing Communities Together
What sets Carlos’ company apart from others is the willingness to be open and honest with clients, so they know exactly what they’re purchasing and how the installation process works. “Transparency is all the way in the back. [It] really should be one of the main things you should discuss with your clients,” he said about other small businesses. Carlos prides himself on integrity and a job well done. His company also partners with one of the largest installers in the country offering the best in everything from equipment to warranties, so clients can find peace in knowing their investment will last for the next 30 to 40 years.

A customer service expert, Carlos maintains an online presence but advocates for a brick-and-mortar approach to networking. “We just show our faces. We’re the ones that are going to help our community locally, not big companies,” he says. By knocking on doors and helping the guy next door, great referral systems develop and small business owners can prosper. In fact, a portion of each client’s proceeds go to a charity of their choosing. “It’s a big pot and there’s enough for everyone,” says Carlos.

Trials & Tribulations
Carlos is no stranger to hardship. He moved here on his own from Puerto Rico at the age of 18 with barely any money. He slept on floors because he couldn’t afford furniture and took food home from restaurants he worked at to be able to eat. He had a good grasp of the English language from his schooling and expanded upon that daily. In particular, he would pick a random word from the dictionary to use throughout the day in order to increase his vocabulary. Learning to adapt and survive very quickly is where his hunger to succeed began. “It’s how I got into sales. You get paid for exactly what you do. How bad do you want it?” he explains. Later in life he found himself starting from zero again after a bad investment. It took him about a year and a half to get back on his feet. His guiding principle? “Failure is temporary, quitting makes it permanent.”

Staying Ahead
The initial challenge of starting over within a new industry centered on learning the business from individuals who were only out to make a profit, rather than growing their businesses the right way. Carlos quickly realized that this industry could be a great success if it was done right. As his dreams became a reality, the daily trials and tribulations of building a company started creeping in. Keeping the drive alive from early morning, creating a solid foundation for the company, following through on phone calls and getting enough sleep were all daily challenges. Add raising a toddler to the mix and work-life balance can get thrown off. His solution? As a personable extrovert, staying active, on the move and social helps keep him sane. As for his supporting cast, Mom and Grammy top the list!

Carlos went to college for music where he studied percussion and drums, and today he still finds time to play in shows and record music. His favorite part? Inviting children in the community to attend free 30-minute music lessons.

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