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Gem Story was written by: Stay Klassay

“I want to leave a legacy” - Kareem Roman

Meet Kareem Roman, a man influenced by his love for music and creative directing that made Roman Imagery come to life. Roman Imagery is a photography and videography business started by Roman himself. He creates a mood through his work with the use of LED lights and contrast. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Roman has become a self-made photographer by himself in Orlando.

His first cameras were the Canon Rebel t2i and Canon EOS 6D. He borrowed his stepfather’s camera to use for a T-shirt business that his friends and he had started. At first, he didn’t enjoy photography but the more he practiced the more the love of photography found him. “I want to leave a legacy”, says Kareem.

Once he found his passion, he began an Instagram page, reached out to local models in the community and attended networking events to build the support system he has today. It has been a long journey for Roman and after three years of his business…he experienced many setbacks including a robbery. A camera bag full of equipment and photos were gone in an instant. Kareem never gave up and would not be the photographer he is today without his mentors. A camera he hoped to someday have…finally reached his possession with the help of a friend. Not only did he get his dream camera, but he also got it for an affordable price with payment plans.

This year, Roman hopes to quit his day job and take Roman Imagery to the next step. He hopes to take his business to the music industry and discover tour life. He wants to be behind a shoot, a music video, and the making of an album. From bagging groceries to backpacking around the country with an artist… stay tuned for what the local photographer has in store for this decade.

“I want to leave a legacy”