“Riavviamo…Let’s restart and let’s reboot and just get hydrated and healthy.” – Chilka Rawal

Gem story was written by: Marcus Mulenga

Born in London and raised in Tampa, Florida, Chilka credits her work ethic to her hardworking parents. They are truly the beginning of her story. Growing up, she saw them not only as loving parents but as dedicated entrepreneurs managing their own restaurant businesses. Her family was always close, and when she did her undergraduate studies at UF, they would always keep in touch. But the pandemic provided a unique opportunity for Chilka’s family to reconnect about their history and roots over zoom and hearing stories about what her father had to do in order to balance everything he was involved with over the years inspired Chilka to continue that entrepreneurial legacy. Today, she has definitely followed in her parent’s footsteps. She has her own family now, currently located in the tri-state area of New Jersey, and she wears many, many hats! Family comes first, so she is a wife and mother, and additionally, she is a PA (going on 12 years now) that specializes in asthma and allergy, dabbles in event management, is a member of several different hospital boards, and more recently the founder of a new company specializing in concierge IV hydration services. And did we mention that she’s a mom? We can’t stress how important and demanding a job that is! Much like at the hospital, she is always on call.

The name of her “new baby” is Riavviamo, which is Italian for “let’s restart” or “let’s reboot”, an elegant-sounding reminder of the focus of her new endeavor, which is to provide therapeutic services to busy people by taking it to them. She wants to help people “get hydrated and healthy.” Some might refer to Chilka’s main service as the “morning after bag”, but it’s far more than that. So many people nowadays are on the go, and staying properly hydrated becomes a task they simply no longer have time for. But the effects on the body after she comes to you and gives you an IV drip speak to the importance of what she does. With more companies focusing on the health and wellness of their employees, and with individuals seeking out ways to take better care of their own bodies, Chilka is hoping that she can expand her concierge services to even more areas in tri-state New Jersey, and even beyond.

Her years of experience in the healthcare industry have garnered the confidence of many of her clients, and once she comes over and administers the fluids, the desired effect can often be felt later that same day. Then you can expect Chilka to diligently follow up to see how you are doing and set up your next appointment. She has now recently reached one of her goals by expanding to include some Botox services, which you can find out more about by visiting her Instagram page. During the pandemic, since a lot of people were forced to say home, the situation actually lent itself to Chilka’s I’ll-come-to-you services, and she didn’t miss a beat keeping up with her clients, allowing Riavviamo to keep its momentum at a time when a lot of new businesses were forced to come to a screeching halt.

As Chilka so far is running most of the business by herself (she does hope to hire more nurses in the future), it has sometimes been a challenge for her to develop her own brand. But this has not stopped her from networking and always looking for ways to get new interested clients. She takes the initiative to stay in touch with former clients, and she also visits gyms, spas, and companies to see if they would be interested in using her services to promote wellness to their members and employees. Chilka also recognizes the importance of word-of-mouth networking, understanding that as an entrepreneur, “you are the walking brand of your own company.” As an example of this, she once visited Bloomingdales on a shopping trip to buy some perfume, and by the time she left the store she had acquired 6 new clients! This proves that when it comes to networking, you have to put in the work, and if something is important to you, then you have to spend time promoting it, whether that be with your consistent social media presence, keeping in touch with clients, word of mouth from your own family and friends, and even on shopping trips to Bloomingdales! Basically, wherever Chilka goes, her company goes, which is something she’s even passing on to her children. They often comment that mom is always “playing on her phone”, but then she has to explain that she is making sure she writes everything down so she can keep track of the thousands of things she has going on…some of which include taking care of the health and wellness of her own family!

For anyone scared to try out Chilka’s services, she will make herself accessible to you to answer any questions you may have. She works really well under pressure, and the interaction with her clients and the fact that she gets to help individuals and their families care for their help is a huge part of why she loves what she does. She’s “always looking for the next thing” which could be a client, a promotion opportunity, or a way to expand. At the end of the day, her greatest piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is that “it’s all about the work you put in”. But it isn’t all work and no play for Chilka. She values the importance of having a “me day” each week, which for her is Tuesday mornings between dropping off her kids at school and her next shift at the hospital. She has a four-hour block that she can use to do whatever she needs to do to decompress and prepare herself for how to take care of her responsibilities for the week. Chilka’s years of experience and dedication to her company have served as the pressure that has turned her into an entrepreneurial diamond, and she is a Gem that we are proud to introduce to you!

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