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“You Can Create an Entire World That Doesn’t Exist.” – Bobby Nickson

Bobby Nickson is a talented filmmaker, producer, director, and music editor who runs his own independent production company in Atlanta called Production Warehouse Films. Specializing in short-form films, his company often sticks to horror, thriller, action, and comedy genres. Today he joins us on Mom & Pop Gems to share who is the man behind the film.

Upon meeting Bobby it is clear to see he’s a go-getter, as it takes a certain amount of courage to disrupt your current lifestyle to pursue a new exciting passion. Originally from the Bronx in New York, Bobby found his passion for making films back in 2001 when he was given a camera to celebrate the birth of his only daughter, Sheilah. With a background in music, he found himself spending more and more time learning how to best capture life’s precious moments through the lens of a camera. From there he was hooked.

The Challenges of Starting a Production Company

Starting Production Warehouse Films was not difficult because Bobby’s passion kept him inspired and his support network of incredible friends encouraged him to stay focused. What is difficult, however, is continuing to keep going after encountering many pitfalls. Some projects just never get off the ground, for example.


  • Before Filming – Finding the right camera operators, gaffers, sound editors, and other crew members who produce quality work is no easy feat. Getting your film financed before filming is an even bigger challenge.
  • During Filming – You might run into script issues during filming, or perhaps outside obstacles when filming outdoors like cars honking, pedestrians walking into the frame, or the sunlight shifting direction. Filming inside is a little more controllable but technical issues could still happen.
  • During Editing – There might be some issues you come across during the post-production process you didn’t quite catch when filming — such as a bottle in one take versus no bottle in the next. Remember the “Game of Thrones” Starbucks cup debacle? Continuity is a huge thing in film.

When Forming Partnerships – A partnership can be difficult to maintain when you’re both on the creative side. Everyone often has very different ideas they want to follow when aiming to tell the same story visually.

Bobby adds, although, owning an independent production film company has it’s challenges, he loves being able to create something new and exciting from just an idea.

Staying on Budget & Setting Goals

If Bobby could change one thing about starting his business, he would’ve spent more time learning the business side — like how to secure funding for a film. The creative side comes naturally to him, but there’s more to it. For one, your team needs to believe in you and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Bobby eventually wants to transition into producing feature films because there are more opportunities for exposure at film festivals and on streaming networks. But for now, he’s continuing to work on short-form films and do what he does best.

You’d think there would be advertising opportunities for production companies to gain exposure, however, most production companies don’t advertise. Instead, it’s the scriptwriters who solicit production companies because they want them to take on their stories.

“You Can Create an Entire World That Doesn’t Exist.”

Bobby’s favorite genre is the sci-fi and action-packed superhero movies. One of his favorite films is Avatar because of the amount of detail it took to create the visuals in the alternate environment. It’s also one of the first films to develop its own language solely to supplement a fictional story.

“You Can Create an Entire World That Doesn’t Exist.”