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“Know that you are a gift and worth the investment.” – Naomi Joy Nelson

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“Know that you are a gift and worth the investment.” – Naomi Joy Nelson

The Joy in “Naomi Joy” Naomi Joy Nelson is a soulful saxophonist, published author, music educator and Christian minister who operates under the name Naomi Joy Music. She enjoys performing for all types of events — weddings, corporate get-togethers, private events and more. In her free time, Naomi runs a nonprofit called Joy Journey to Freedom as a follow-up to her book about her personal struggles and how her life was turned around.

“My mission is to inspire others through song through music, and also to liberate people through my story of hope and freedom.”– Naomi Joy

Recently published last year in Summer 2020, “My Joy Journey” is a testament to how God healed and freed Naomi from her past trauma with ministerial and marital abuse. Her story is one of hope and liberation through Jesus Christ, and she hopes it will inspire others facing similar internal struggles.

Naomi believes, “Everybody should have a foundation.” Everyone should surround themselves with people who support your vision and talent. For her that means quality photographers, a trusted publisher and editor. Her No.1 support network is her parents, Willie and Theresa. Growing up in a tight-knit, Christan family gave her the encouragement, wisdom and prayers she needed to get to where she is today.

Sharing Her Heart with People

Naomi has been a school music educator for the past 12 years in Orlando, Fla. Her main focus is to share her passion for instilling wisdom, freedom and skills with the lives of others through music and a powerful story.

“It’s very important, no matter what it is you do, that you feel empowered and that you have a support system behind you.”– Naomi Joy

Naomi just released a new jazz song called “Feeling Good” that was produced by Jarvis Brown. She also works with another producer named Ron Jenkins on her Christian singles. She first started playing the saxophone at age 11, and was only allowed to listen to Kenny G — who to this day remains a big inspiration in her music. For Naomi, spreading the power of God through music gives her an all-encompassing purpose and she’s so honored to be living her dream.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Take Note

Naomi Joy became an entrepreneur essentially without a plan. She says some people prepare with a solid business plan, but she just would just keep following the open doors until her life gradually unfolded in front of her. Both methods are effective, as long as you take action to get the life you want.

Start by writing down your vision and who you want to become. Identify what it is you are seeking in life, and then make small actionable steps toward achieving that plan. Having vision is a good start. You also want to learn how to manage your time and budget your rates, and also take advantage of the free information out there to stay knowledgeable.

“Know that you are a gift and worth the investment.” – Naomi Joy

Naomi’s dream is to do something that has never been done before. She believes everyone’s path is uniquely their own. As someone who’s afraid of heights, she once had a dream that she was taking a dive off a bridge. The thing is she landed in the water and all the fear was gone. She was swimming with dolphins, in fact. That symbolism of facing fear is what inspires her most: Taking a jump that leads to all the blessings that accompany a leap of faith.

Listen to Naomi’s old-school approach to music now by following @NaomiJoyMusic on Facebook. Be sure to check out her latest song!

“Know that you are a gift and worth the investment.”