“What if you had someone who gave you all of the seeds that you needed to grow a great life?” – Katharine Stahl

Story written by: Marcus Mulenga

If you had a mom that was loved by everyone who knew her, wouldn’t you want to share her knowledge and experience with the rest of the world?

That’s exactly what you’ll find when you tune into the My Mom Always Says podcast. You’re in for a treat this week, as our featured Gem is a part of a powerhouse mother-daughter duo: meet Kate Stahl! She has an extensive history in the world of writing and proofreading. With both of her parents being former professors, education was very important in the Templin home. Kate studied journalism in college and grad school. Upon graduating, she went on to work for several reputable magazines and publications, some of which include Harper’s Bazaar, Oprah Magazine, and Pop Sugar. All-in-all, Kate has racked up 20 years of experience as a professional journalist, providing the background which would later lend itself to her and her mother’s joint venture into the world of podcasting.     

              This is a great time to highlight one of the most special relationships that Kate has in her life. She considers her mother, Sarah Templin (Co-Founder), to be a best friend, a confidant, and now, a business partner. This dynamic duo is always on the same page. They never fight; their partnership is well-balanced and mutually beneficial, and they’re constantly exchanging notes on new topics of discussion for their podcast. The idea to even form their own podcast came to fruition when Kate had the privilege of being a guest on the Stroller Coaster podcast, an opportunity she landed as a result of the excellent parenting articles she wrote while working at Pop Sugar. She loved the experience, and the timing in her life lined up with this new avenue of her creative endeavors. Just like her own mom, Kate is a mother of two, and with the birth of each child, her role at Pop Sugar in terms of her level of involvement was gradually reduced. And then, due to the pandemic, Kate had to completely shift gears to focus on staying home to teach her children full-time. After a long career in her industry, naturally, the next question was, what next?

             The answer? Podcasts! The challenge? Trying to complete it with thousands of other podcasts! As Kate wisely observed, once you enter this particular realm of media, you have to make sure that you are either filling a non-saturated niche or bringing your own voice to a familiar topic. That’s where Momma Templin came in! She and Kate had already been discussing the possibility of doing a podcast together. And Kate understood that not every person was as blessed as she was to have such a wonderful mother growing up. So that quickly became the theme for their new adventure together. They divided up the work involved in the project, with Sarah providing her decades of wisdom and experience and Kate tackling the matter of learning how to edit, looking for places to distribute and monetize their new podcast, and finding equipment and places needed to properly record. With 20 episodes under their belt, they’ve definitely figured out what works!

             For a long time, Kate wrote for work. But now, she had the chance to write for fun, which was actually very therapeutic for her! It was a reminder of why she loved writing in the first place, which reactivated the creative part of her brain. As far as coming up with the topics for each podcast, that was easy. As mother-daughter and parents, they already knew the important issues faced by women and parents of children of all ages. For example, they’ve talked about working moms rethinking their careers, how to turn their passion into paychecks, and principles to live a better life. Really, these are just reflections of the daily conversations Sarah and Kate have; however, they also get into some deeper topics as well. Overall, their goal is to change the world, one conversation at a time, featuring topics geared toward their general listenership.

             Along the way, Kate has learned many tips that would be beneficial for any future entrepreneur, especially one looking to get into podcasting. One suggestion is to appreciate your friends for what they can give you while not expecting them to do everything for you. It’s also a good idea to look for someone with experience in the field you are looking to get into in order to learn from them. Furthermore, when it comes to the editing process (which Kate had to teach herself how to do), remember that editing time will always be longer than the episode time! And because this may be a new venture for you, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes them! You have to learn how to take responsibility for your actions while striving to look for the positive in every negative.

             Future goals for the My Mom Always Says podcast is to bring in guests with varying types of expertise as well as find new partners to help promote the podcast. In regard to this, Kate has found that building a brand is more valuable than affiliate programs. When she’s not podcasting with her mother, Kate spends her time reading, exercising, and working on her cardio. And you can bet that this Gem, really these two Gems, will always be working on improving their podcast, so be sure to tune in to keep up with what My Mom Always Says has to say next!

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