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“Helping the artist accomplish their goal in music.” – Kenneth Clair

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“Helping the artist accomplish their goal in music.” – Kenneth Clair

Making huge moves in the local music industry is Kenneth Clair — an audio engineer and producer with his own artist management company called Loop Theory. Currently in the works are plans to transition his business into a record label. While working hands-on with artists and their music, Kenneth’s partner handles the day-to-day management like booking gigs.

“I always had a passion for music,”

Although it wasn’t until around 16 or 17 years old that he started making beats. A teacher inspired him with a goal of launching a high school music program, and Kenneth would recruit other students to record with and make beats. He started getting involved in other music programs too and interned at a studio in his senior year. From there his passion took off.

From Artist Management to Record Label

Kenneth enjoys isolating himself in the studio and

“Helping the artist accomplish their goal in music.”

While managing artists at Loop Theory, he’s still doing audio engineering and producing on other projects full time. He works with all kinds of genres including jazz, classical, hip hop, R&B and more. His favorite musical genres, though, are bossa nova and jazz.

“I want to be able to work with all artists. Kind of like Quincy Jones,” he says.

Blessed with a supporting family, Kenneth’s talent for music runs in his family. His sister has an incredible voice, and his dad is a DJ in Chicago who performs at local bars. In fact, he says his father is his No.1 fan and always helps him plan out his goals.

Limiting Negative Self-Talk

Kenneth prides himself on his high standards, but he says sometimes that can be a hurdle you have to get passed. Perfection is a fantasy that plays into insecurity, so to avoid negative self-talk he says,

“It’s okay to be satisfied with something and go from there.”

As a very blunt and straightforward individual, he likes to find passion in the work he takes on and won’t work on projects he’s not committed to.

“When you’re coming up as an artist all you have is your name.”

It’s best to not work on anything you’re not confident in and always try to stay positive.

“Never talk yourself out of a business idea. Just start on the first step. Take one thing at a time. Get the LLC. Find a partner. Whatever it may be, as long as you start that’s all that matters.” – Kenneth Clair

“Helping the artist accomplish their goal in music.”