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“Believe in yourself first, then you can get people to believe in you through the work that you do that matters. That will help push you forward. It’s all about the work.” – Leslie Olabisi

Leslie O Voice offers voice-overs provided by the “artistically nerdy” voice actor Leslie Olabisi. Leslie provides commercial and narration voice-overs servicing businesses and creative artists in various industries both locally and internationally.

Leslie also has developed her own niche specializing in interludes. She believes that interludes are making a big comeback to help augment album collaborations through intros, skits, spoken word, and voice tags. For instance, interludes can be a voicemail intro to a song or cultural elements in the background that help get the message of the song across. Her talent is showcased in the “The ‘Ludes Mixtape” featured on her voice-over services website.

Leslie is driven by cultivating a sense of meaning. She aspires to:

“Leave a serious mark and legacy for [her] family, and to really know that [she] paid for [her] space on earth … [and] to contribute to the world in a significant way.” She continues, “Basically, I don’t want to die not really accomplishing things that matter. That’s what it boils down to Hustling for my last name — not my first.”

Finding Inspiration From Within

Leslie avoids comparing herself to anyone other than herself and strives toward continuous improvement. When asked who is most influential in her life, she says: “Me from yesterday. Me from last year. Basically, I want to be better than I was before.”

The quote from Pink Panther, “Every day and in every way, I am getting better, and better,” is a mantra Leslie often repeats to herself to ensure she’s always pushing forward.

She often takes cues from motivational public figures like Whoopi Goldberg and Lee Strasburg. Through their successes, she’s learned that if you:

“Believe in yourself first, then you can get people to believe in you through the work that you do that matters. That will help push you forward. It’s all about the work.”

Another mantra she likes to follow?

“Don’t let perfect get in the way of good enough.”

Advice from acting coach Sean Pratt. She believes setting standards too high can prevent people from taking action. Set attainable goals and take action now, rather than waiting for an if-then situation to occur. And finally, keep this in mind from Clint Eastwood: “Variety is the spice of life.” Leslie likes this quote because it speaks to her bubbly and fun-loving demeanor.

Lessons & Regrets

Newcomers to the voice-over field should put in the work and get intensive training. Training helps new artists not only understand whether the field is right for them, but also how to identify which industry path is right for them. Newbies should also “manage their expectations.” Earning an income in this industry isn’t always immediate and can be quite time-consuming. Make sure you can take direction, enjoy talking, possess the ability to enunciate and sharpen your acting acumen.

“Voiceover isn’t just reading words off a page, it’s about intonation, inflection, and pitch to emote different feelings. It’s about the script and the story of the brand.”

Leslie jokes that if she could give advice to her past self, it would be:

“Don’t get married and don’t leave New York.”

She thought she was being noble and altruistic in putting others before herself at the time, but she now views that time as an abandonment of her goals. It changed the trajectory of her life but it’s essential to “take what you can learn from every experience.”

Leslie learned a lot about herself and those experiences didn’t change who she was at the core. To get past her setbacks she focuses on finding the solution to the obstacles.

A Day In The Life

Leslie ended up going back to New York and now has an off-broadway debut in the work. A snapshot of her day begins with completing voice-over requests that come in from various platforms. She then prepares audition submissions in response to requests received from her agents. A reality of the field is you need to go out and get clients because only 15 to 20 percent of work comes from audition bookings. Leslie believes having a home studio is necessary in order to maintain a competitive edge. The turnaround for completing voiceover work is usually 24 to 48 hours, while for auditions it’s three hours.

Leslie also managers her LOVStudios channel on Youtube, which features live podcasts on Tuesdays. This entails editing and meeting with her producer to discuss the highs and lows of certain productions and how to make improvements. She does all this because she believes in the benefits of professional voice-over services.

“Voice-overs automatically elevate advertising because [they tell] the viewer what it is that they need to hear, offering concise messaging for brands. And make it possible to advertise across additional mediums, such as through radio and podcasts. That’s the power of the voice, the voice can change the world.”

“Believe in yourself first, then you can get people to believe in you through the work that you do that matters. That will help push you forward. It’s all about the work.”