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Keianna A. Summers

Photographer & Model

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Gem story was written by: Stay Klassay

“I’m a woman of many hats” – Keianna A. Summers

Keianna A. Summers is a small-town girl who looks at her world through a big lens. A full-time film student has given up a lot to follow her dreams and pursue her love of photography. From small-town Clewiston (just three hours from Orlando), Keianna grew up with her parents and five siblings. With a Caribbean influence in her family roots, the idea of her going to a filmmaking school wasn’t supported at first. Before she moved to Orlando, she attended cosmetology school in her hometown which helped pave the way for her love for photography now.

It all started on a Fujifilm Camera DSLR and her focus was food photography. She began taking photography classes during her freshman year of high school. The teacher encouraged her and her peers to pose as each other’s models to practice taking photos. Once her mother broke her original camera during her graduation, she got her new baby. The Canon Rebel T6… a classic for all beginner photographers. She is also the owner of a Canon Rebel 80d and a Prime Lens 50 mm. It’s been a year and about six months that she has been taking photos professionally.

Summer's photography passion is influenced by many obstacles that she has been able to overcome throughout her life. From family issues to depression, Keianna has been able to grow from these issues and that’s what makes her the amazing young lady she is today. Her belief in Christianity has changed her life completely and guided her through those difficult times.

Summer loves to live in the moment and her positive attitude brings light to everyone she meets and her audience as well. Her target audience is anyone who needs encouragement. Her inspirational words and her photos make her stand out. She believes that there is no competition in this industry because everyone shoots differently.

Keianna is open to anything that comes her way, “I’m a woman of many hats” says Keianna. She loves to broadcast her work and connect with people around the world. In the future, she aspires to have her own talk show and a segment on the “Today Show” wouldn’t be a bad steppingstone. Keianna is talking about the journey for the many plans for her future.

“I’m a woman of many hats”