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Jordan Ward

Photographer (Real Estate & Portrait)

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Gem story was written by: Stay Klassay

“I plan to travel out of the country to explore with my camera” – Jordan Ward

Meet Jordan Ward, a young man that shows compassion with his photography and his clients. From Wesley Chapel, Florida, he spent his childhood attending conventions, going to the movies, and shopping at Hot Topic…a lot. At six years old, Ward discovered that he liked filming the world around him. He admits that he took his first camcorder everywhere including church, school, and even funerals. His mom was his biggest support system and helped him and his siblings through college.

His first DSLR camera was the Canon Rebel T3i, and he began taking photos of animals and landscapes. He didn’t get into “human” photography until he got the Canon Rebel T6i in sixth grade. This camera broadened his palette to try out portrait, wedding, and real estate photography. Jordan did not become really passionate about photography until college.

Inspired by Dani Diamond, he loved the way that natural light can turn a photo into something that tells a story. Portrait photography is his favorite because he sees a hidden message behind every face. His photography stands out from the others because he isn’t afraid to overedit. Ward’s work is inspired by his love of Anime and Sci-Fi. He wants his photos to be too much, whether that be too much contrast, brightness, darkness, or color. His edits help make the photo be unique and come to life.

Jordan’s routine before a shoot usually starts a week in advance. He contacts the model to plan out dates, shooting locations, willingness, and any needs. He is very considerate to all his clients and strives to make them feel like a celebrity for the day. He brings all the necessities to a shoot including clothing, water, snacks, and his lucky 85mm lens.

This year, “I plan to travel out of the country to explore with my camera”, Jordan says. His top three destinations are Egypt, Italy, and China. In the near future, he aspires to be a freelance videographer and get paid to travel the world and share what’s beyond the surface. If you’re looking to travel the world through Jordan Ward Photography, then make sure to follow him.

“I plan to travel out of the country to explore with my camera”