Gem Story

Gem story was written by: BOBO Marketing Services

                            “Just start somewhere.” – Jayshree Sharma

Jayshree Sharma is a talented freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and artist with a passion for creating and expressing her views in true visual form.

A Hidden Talent for Art

Born, raised, and based in India, Jayshree surprisingly had no interest in anything related to art when she was growing up. Instead, she was passionate about excelling academically in her studies. It was not until her second year in college that she found herself doodling and sketching in her free time. While pursuing a degree in media and journalism, Jayshree would study digital art and practice new tricks she learned on YouTube in her free time.

“I started practicing and practicing, and then I started posting on Instagram.”

Coming from a close-knit family with one younger brother, Jayshree found herself feeling lonely while living alone for the first time in college. She would especially miss her mom — the strongest woman she knows and her biggest motivator. To drown out the new unwelcome silence, Jayshree often found herself drawn by hand. That’s when she decided to begin teaching herself new digital art skills and eventually how to make a career out of it.

Advice for New Freelancers

Aside from running a successful creative digital art business, Jayshree also manages her own e-commerce venture. She knows a thing or two about being an entrepreneur! Her biggest advice to newcomers is to be truthful to yourself in identifying your passion and make sure you are willing to learn. Be open to working on your skills, and then just start sharing your work on social media. Although it’s hard, try ignoring the number of likes when starting out. The key is to build a portfolio, and as you get better so will your content.

“Social media is strong if you use it right,” “Just start somewhere.”

says Jayshree.

Another takeaway she wants new freelancers to know is that you do not succeed all the time. There were plenty of times where she considered getting a more traditional job, but you must keep going until you succeed — otherwise, you won’t.

“Just try to be consistent and practice, practice, practice … I was terrible at first. I was not good at all,”

laughs Jayshree. Eventually, though,  she started getting messages from people asking her to draw for them.

“That’s when I knew; okay, I can do something with this,”

If you find yourself struggling to get into the creative mindset, Jayshree suggests taking a break to relax and unwind. That way you can recharge, and your creativity will come back to you. Tip: Start doodling until you get inspired.

Creative Workshops

It was a lot of work, but Jayshree learned so much in her self-taught digital art education. By searching for online motivators and educators to follow and purchasing the right books, she was able to get a firm grasp on how to expand her skill set. Be ready to invest in essential tools too, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software.

To spread the wealth of knowledge, Jayshree hosts regular online classes for individuals interested in digital art. She teaches her students how to get started, the basic tools you need, tips to practice, and even some basic marketing tactics.