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                        “Let me give this a try. Let me see if I can do it.” – India Carter

India Carter is the face behind her shop called Crafty Little Dreams. Specializing in the creation of jewelry that is inspired by food, India is originally from Pittsburgh which is known for its steel and plentiful bridges. Now residing in Central Florida, India launched her Etsy shop in late 2019 and has already made close to 10 sales — a big deal when competing against thousands of online shops. This Mom & Pop Gem is well on her way to achieving her dream of being a successful business owner.

Discovering Her Talent

India first discovered she was a creative person when she was a child. During playtime with her cousins, she would often add the creative elements that would “enhance the playing experience.” And after learning how to make rag dolls with her grandmother, she realized she

“I can make anything out of anything”

— spurring her creative development. Her hobby became finding creative activities to get her hands working on new projects.

Why Food?

The idea for creating food-inspired jewelry stemmed from India’s research into how to create miniature dollhouse dioramas for her rag dolls. As she studied how to create miniature food representations, she soon realized there was a market for food-inspired jewelry.

India has developed a wide audience, ranging from grandmothers looking for one-of-a-kind earrings for their grandchildren to small business owners looking for something that represents their niche. One of her current clients, for example, is the owner of an orthodontist office requesting custom designed teeth earrings!

Creating Meaning Through Her Work

What truly makes this gem a gem is the meaning that India generates through her work. She believes that items can be more than just products but rather unique extensions of yourself. With a passion for putting positive energy out into the world and striving to accomplish this through the pieces she creates, India’s products are always packaged with inspiring quotes displayed on magnets. Her rag dolls are also faith based — something she holds near and dear to her heart.

Challenges and Triumphs

In the beginning, her thoughts centered around self-doubt.

“Can I really do this?” and “Does anyone want to buy my items?”

where some of the thoughts that held her back. She later learned how to overcome those criticisms and move forward with the support of her friends and family. Their excitement about her jewelry would often help her overcome her hesitancy to introduce a new product to the market.

Now her struggles strike a more logistical chord. With it averaging about eight hours to create a rag doll and one to two hours to produce a custom jewelry piece, India’s biggest struggle is now committing the time necessary to consistently post on social media and update listings — an obstacle common to many businesses as they get busier.

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