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“I thank God I made the leap to start this business because now I can spend quality time with my family.”– Martin Narvaez

Specializing in customized backdrops and organic balloon garlands for extraordinary events, Cafecito Events is managed by Martin Narvaez and his wife Yanicel Narvaez who run their business with one goal in mind: Take the vision of their client’s event and surpass expectations every time. Together they help bring to life beautiful decorations for weddings, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceanera, corporate events, baby showers, and any other special celebration.

To help customers facing difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic, Cafecito Events is offering a “Stay Home Special” for Orlando customers — a reduced package with all expenses included. You can choose the colors, occasion, and theme, so Martin and his wife are able to create a unique, sophisticated, and elegant balloon arrangement for your special occasion.

A Startup Story That Came Naturally

The Narvaez Family started Cafecito Events exactly five years ago after celebrating their son Christopher’s fifth birthday. They put together a beautiful birthday display with detailed decor. Then one after another, family, friends, and friends of friends would request balloon displays and backdrops for their own celebrations.

Martin shares that none of his past working experience involved anything to do with events, yet he always dreamed of owning a business of his own. He saw this exciting new business opportunity and ran with it, learning all about growing an event planning service. He and his wife would learn new balloon styles, themes, and techniques by watching other artists on YouTube and emulating what they’ve learned into unique displays.

The Narvaez Family credits having Christopher as the push behind starting their own business. It was important to dedicate time to their son and not their colleagues. Martin says, “I thank God I made the leap to start this business because now I can spend quality time with my family.”

The Creative Process

Martin and his wife treat every event with love and dedication. They want to do their best not only for client satisfaction but also because they know the memories, they help deliver will last a lifetime. They don’t want to be remembered for something going wrong, which is why they always strive to go above and beyond for each customer.

“One thing all of my clients should know is that we do everything with love and dedication.” – Martin Narvaez

Typically, Martin will present the first draft of the idea to clients, and then his wife will create the skeleton of the projects and fill it in, adding the special touches. He says that he gives it a base and she gives it life — the perfect combination.

One event in particular that stands out to Martin is a piece they created that brought to life three guys playing volleyball. He says it had amazingly beautiful details, and his wife is truly talented at what she does.

Advice for New Entrepreneurs

Martin and his wife used to live in Miami, and both worked for one of the largest companies in the U.S. They had great jobs in high-hierarchical positions, but they realized the traditional economy doesn’t encourage a family-oriented lifestyle. Starting Cafecito Events allowed them to change their lifestyle and encourage other stressed-out families to make a change in their own lives as well. They believe it’s a blessing to have your own business, and it’s a dream that’s quite achievable for many people. Martin encourages all aspiring business owners to hold onto their faith and not give up.

It can cost a lot to start a business, which Martin admits was one of his biggest concerns. He says you can’t let it stop you from the life you want, though. “The important thing is that if you do your job with dedication people will give you their dedication,” shares Martin. “People always recognize what is done from the heart.”

Martin also says it’s important to remember that there are times when you’re going to fail, but you have to maintain your focus and move on. It does not matter if you have many obstacles, stay on track, be persistent and the results will pay off.

“Well above all persistence, this country has many opportunities, and I would encourage you first to find out what you are good at and what is your goal.” – Martin Narvaez

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“I thank God I made the leap to start this business because now I can spend quality time with my family.”