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     “People go to their graves with their knowledge… all the wealth is stored in the cemetery.”                                                                                                                                                – Denzel Rodriguez

Denzel Rodriguez is a successful financial leader who’s built his business foundation on bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth. At just 24-years-old, he’s mastered the art of helping customers up to three times his age get out of debt, rebuild their credit scores and start to think about investments.

“The name of my company is Builder to Contributor, and that also represents what I do for my clients.” – Denzel Rodriguez

Everything Denzel knows was self-taught through books, YouTube tutorials, free online courses and other free resources. Once I knew I had the knowledge,” Denzel shares. “I could actually teach it.” Although it took some convincing, his mother was his first client who quickly turned around once he got her out of debt. Today he shares how to regain authority through financial consulting on YouTube, and often gets his clients from there.

My sole purpose, mission and vision in life is to help mothers across the U.S. and abroad master their personal finances and become leaders and influencers…” – Denzel Rodriguez

Coming from a low-income family taught him humility early on, although he says people born into wealth can still be humble. It all comes down to mindset, which is how he was also able to stay afloat during the height of the coronavirus pandemic last year. He took advantage of this crisis by creating an opportunity for people to come to him for financial advice.

Don’t Develop a “Cheap” Mindset
If you don’t remove the poor mindset, you will likely end up back in poverty no matter how much money you earn. Denzel elaborates by sharing people who are not givers are cheap, for example. Being effective with your money means knowing how to stretch every dollar. Otherwise, you’ll always end up where you’re most comfortable. You need to be willing to expand and take risks, as well as give back.

Cheap Mindset: Your child says they want to go to Disney World. You say that we can’t afford it.

Opportunistic Mindset: You realize perhaps you can raise money through your church for all the children to go to Disney. Your child’s request didn’t necessarily involve you at first, which means your goal should be to get your child what they want. Then ask yourself how you can attend which might be chaperoning.
Nowadays I pay people to get more knowledge but, in the beginning, I truly believed God was sitting with me…” – Denzel Rodriguez

Denzel’s biggest mentor is Jesus Christ, as he believes God revealed every financial concept through the videos and articles from which he learned. He also credits his confidante and best friend, his girlfriend and, of course, his mom as his biggest supporting cast. In his free time, Denzel enjoys listening to “The Gypsy Kings” and any Puerto Rican or Colombian salsa music.

Avoid Taking Knowledge to the Grave
Denzel treats every client with the dedicated attention they deserve for their unique financial situation. Once a client pays for his service, he requests access to all financial figures to maximize every moment spent with them. Then they hop on the phone for a lightning round of questions. From there, he develops a bi-monthly six-month plan that involves four strategic phases. He says it’s also important his clients have access to him for questions outside those calls as well.

People go to their graves with their knowledge… all the wealth is stored in the cemetery.” – Denzel Rodriguez

Phase 1: Velocity Banking – Helping an individual pay off debt, increase their credit score quickly and leverage positive debt

Phase 2: Infinite Banking – Helping an individual become their own bank by mimicking what the big banks are doing into a household “kingdom”

Phase 3: Kingdom – Helping individuals rediscover who they are created to be, so they can eventually pass it on to their family, friends, and communities according to their legacies, values and traditions

Phase 4: 10X Everything – Helping individuals multiply their income so you can give back and grow your mindset around abundance

Financial Advice for Young Adults
It’s important to know that your job is not your actual work but a temporary state you’re in. It’s there to help you build experience and not a place you stay your entire life. It’s important to have some sort of side hustle which is really a business. Eventually, the amount of time you spend and the money you earn on your side hustle should become your main hustle.

Everybody is royalty.” – Denzel Rodriguez

Ask yourself four main questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? And where am I going? The faster you answer those four questions for your own life, the faster you’re ready to develop an investment philosophy around your life. Then you can develop the laws to protect your morals and ethics.

Work means to become or to self-manifest who you are in this life and what your purpose is.” – Denzel Rodriguez

Don’t throw money at the stock market if you don’t have a plan to get into the stock market. Denzel says you should first focus on producing money. The best investment for young adults is in themselves through personal development. Learn everything you can about your passion. Focus on the kingdom and consider researching historical kingdoms to understand how they operate. Your life will change dramatically.

Ask yourself this before investing in something: “Has it historically performed, and will it provide the most effective results for my kingdom?”

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