Gem Story

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“Don’t be afraid to show everyone what you can do!” – Brian Remesnitzky

Finding himself taking multiple roads in life that ultimately kept leading back to his true passion, Brian Remesnitzky realized it was time to stabilize his career path in animation. Today Brian is exactly where he’s meant to be, as the animator and owner of Brian Remes Animacion in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Doing What He Loves
This talented animator studied multimedia art at the Escuela Da Vinci — a private vocational school in Argentina. Never realizing that he could turn his childhood love of cartoons into a career, Brian began his education studying everything from architecture to engineering until taking a vocational test that revealed what he already knew all along: He is meant to be a professional animator.

“I was afraid that if I do what I love, I will end up hating it. But I ended up loving it more.”

Brian shares with us. When asked about his support system he enthusiastically replied,

“My family 1,000 percent!”

He’s especially grateful for their support while he was striving to earn his education and start his own company. His mother even found him employment at her place of work to help him make a living while completing his studies.

Although Brian would love to go back in time to start on his animation career sooner, he believes all the paths he’s taken weren’t lost. In fact, he credits his diverse life experiences as the inspiration behind many of his projects.

“A big part of the animation is searching for references within yourself,”

he reveals. His thesis, for example, is a sci-fi video that centers on a scientist who lost his arm — content based on information he picked up in his electronic engineering courses. A lifelong learner Brian is always applying new experiences to his work.

An Animator’s Lifestyle
On a typical day, he wakes up and heads straight to the office, although he’s been primarily working out of his home office lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He then spends the day on his computer, working on projects or searching for freelance opportunities throughout the world. His skill set centers on 2D, 3D, special effects, motion graphics, and slow-motion videos.

Brian’s most difficult project yet involved helping a friend in need of animation with a tight deadline. For three days straight there was no sleeping and no eating, just animating. Staying organized through storyboarding was crucial. Little by little and by following the steps, a successful project was completed, and the deadline was met.

Currently, Brian’s favorite cartoons are “Adventure Time” and “Steven Universe,” especially from a professional animator’s perspective. A few years ago, he was introduced to anime and fell in love with another aspect of animation yet again. Spending hours watching anime-only reaffirmed his newfound career path.

Advice to Newcomers
“Don’t be afraid to show everyone what you can do!” – Brian Remes

When first starting out, Brian found himself struggling with low self-esteem — which is why he advises newbies to not sell themselves short and appreciate the work they create because it is valuable.

In the near future, Brian hopes to grow his company to include friends and colleagues. He also hopes to work on projects for prestigious animation studios like Pixar and DreamWorks.