Gem Story

Gem story was written by: Stay Klassay

“We pride ourselves on being a family and women-owned business that stays true to its core values” – Jennifer, Jessica & Jacqueline Radulovic

Meet the talent behind BOBO Marketing Services, a freelance marketing company that provides services for copywriting, graphic design, digital media, and public relations. For copyrighting, they do things like landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, and listing descriptions. The company was founded by three First Generation American sisters who took their different passions and backgrounds to make a successful marketing company that provides services to many clients around the world.

“We pride ourselves on being a family and women-owned business that stays true to its core values while striving to communicate with clients promptly and exceed their expectations every time. We want our clients to feel confident in knowing we’ll always deliver top-level content and excellent customer service.”

Meet The Sisters

Jessica Nicole “Stefanovic” Radulovic

Jessica the older sister, has a background in psychology and counseling and uses that in her day-to-day work. She can help businesses understand their values and what they want for their business. She mainly focuses on writing, event planning, graphic design, and digital media.

Fun Fact: Jessica has a teenage daughter and likes to spend her free time cooking and journaling.


Jennifer Christine Radulovic-Hughes

Jennifer the middle sister, has a background in public relations, and she likes to focus on delivering a product that the client will be proud of. She is very detail-oriented and mainly handles the copywriting duties in the company.

Fun Fact: Jessica has a toddler son. She also has a background in Real Estate. Jennifer likes to clear her mind by painting, drawing, planting, and doing yoga.


Jacqueline Bekki Radulovic

Jackie the younger sister, has a creative background, and she likes to focus on how everything looks visually through a variety of forms of art and design. She mainly handles the social media site and uses quotes, graphics, photography, and headshots to make a visually appealing feed for a client. Also, has a background in Fashion.

Fun Fact: Some of Jackie’s hobbies include bike riding, planting, working out, and reading books.

The history behind the business name BOBO Marketing

“Bobolan is the family name we’ve been known by for generations in the small town we’re from in Serbia. At some point, I believe it was the last name of our ancestors. It is like this for everyone in town. If people do not know you, they ask which house you are from. We say we are from the House of Bobolan. Kind of like Game of Thrones lol”

BOBO Marketing provides A-La-Carte can services. They bring the full package to your business and create something that an audience will appeal to. They are willing to tap into different markets to help expand your business. The drive within these young ladies is not just built from being a woman-owned business but also creating something for themselves to set an example for their children and other entrepreneurs around the world.


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