“My passion is seeing things done well.” – Ava Lawla

Gem story was written by: See Marcus Write

Meet our latest Gem, Ava Lawla—a video editor by choice, but a teacher by trade! Her mission with her company Ace it With Ava is twofold. As a video editor, her goal is to take your footage, recorded course material, videos, etc., and transform that raw footage into something beautiful. Also, as a teacher, Ava aims to freely dispense the power of knowledge by teaching others how to harness their skills in order to build their futures. As all of Ava’s skills are self-taught, she truly appreciates the joy of helping other people learn things they never knew before.

              Growing up on the island of Jamaica, everything Ava saw around her was bright and beautiful, from the trees and the water to the people and the flowers. So naturally, she became something of a perfectionist. In all of her endeavors, and even in the work of others, she wants to see the best final product that can be achieved. Some like-minded individuals are able to scratch their perfectionist itch through makeovers or home renovations; Ava does so by making videos as perfect as they can be! She especially likes the process of cutting and trimming, where she gets to make the final video seamless. She’s so good, she’ll leave you wondering where the edits are!

              As an information technology teacher of teenagers (whom she finds to be the easiest age range to deal with), she began to personally edit her own teaching videos that she would prepare for her students. She didn’t go to school for this, but this did not deter her from honing these skills to the best of her ability. As she puts it, “what I do know and what I do seek to know, I try to be the best at it.” Her keen eye for detail and her positive attitude has allowed her to develop the skills for not only editing her own teaching videos but also the interviews and course videos of her clients. And if you ask any of them, they’ll tell you that she truly is the best! At the moment, she hasn’t done much editing of sales/marketing videos, but one of her immediate goals is to break out of her comfort zone and tackle this ever-growing field.

              During the pandemic, her business was positively impacted as the globe went digital for practically everything, including teaching. This meant that more and more individuals were offering online courses, complete with videos, interviews, and the like, so you can imagine that many of them made the wise decision to “ace it with Ava!” And they weren’t disappointed. She loves what she does, and it comes through when the final video looks like it was the original video! Being the entrepreneur that she is, she capitalized on this increased need for online content by offering her own mini-courses on how to edit videos. Nowadays, education can be very expensive, but Ava chooses to offer her courses for free. In her opinion, not everything has to be charged for. She would rather teach you the skills you need to start bringing in a profit from your own skills. This is how Ava is giving back to her community and funding the future…with knowledge! Today, Ava continues to find work through new clients while striving to push her own brand to new heights.

As great as she is when it comes to video editing, not everything has been easy. Procrastination and self-doubt have seemed to follow her all through life, even back when she was an only child being raised by her single mother. This is especially true when she reflects on the fact that she is self-taught. She constantly wonders if her skills are good enough to sustain and grow the vision she has for her company. Ava acknowledges that many other people, future entrepreneurs included, struggle with these issues as well. Her advice? While self-doubt and procrastination may follow you, don’t let them lead you! Positive self-talk is a great tool to add to your arsenal. It will allow you to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you have gotten this far, so don’t give up now! Ava also recommends not taking life too seriously. After all, we are all here as humans, just living life and trying to get by. As such, you should also be quick to listen to the advice that others have to offer. They are likely facing the same struggles and are speaking to you from experience. Ultimately, Ava would tell any budding entrepreneur that you are in charge of your life and your business; you decide what the final outcome will be!

When she isn’t busy editing videos, guess what Ava Lawla does in her free time? She loves to watch Tik Toks, which is essentially a compilation of video editors showcasing their skills for fun! So it seems that video editing, whether doing it or watching others do it, is part of Ava’s life! No wonder she has such a passion and talent for it. In fact, she is an ace at it. She’s been using that term for years now, and she definitely lives up to the definition. She is an ace with her students as a dedicated teacher. She is an ace with her blended family (including her five dogs and one cat whom she thinks she loves). And she is a self-taught ace when it comes to transforming what you send her into something bright and beautiful. This Gem is one of a kind. So, are you ready to ace it with Ava? Let her know by reaching out!

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