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“My passion is to help people.” – Mariam Sheikh

Mariam Sheikh the CEO of ABM Tech LLC — a technology-based solutions provider located in Orlando, Fla. Mariam Sheikh started her company with the goal of merging health sciences and computer technology. “My passion is to help people,” she says. While studying for her undergraduate degree, she discovered that bringing these two fields together could improve even more lives, not just in healthcare.

Mariam prides her company on its professionalism, knowledge, and expertise in using creativity to optimize functionality and improve performance. The goal is to help clients run their businesses more efficiently.

When COVID-19 started making waves in March and April 2020, Mariam, unfortunately, lost a few contracts due to the uncertainty of the economy and was faced with finding solutions for her own business.

“Suddenly there were obstacles in the way that no one had foreseen,” she recalls.

She ended up joining the COVID relief movement and would work with clients to organize systems that dealt more with medical supplies, homelessness, vaccinations, and food drives. She learned that “as long as [you’re] able to help people,” sometimes turning your focus around and thinking on your feet is the only way to stay afloat.

A Positive Mindset

Mariam never really considered a career as an entrepreneur initially and always imagined herself in healthcare administration. When she realized there was more to give with technology, it inspired her to get up every morning and start the day wearing all the different hats it takes to grow a successful business.

Knowing that there are so many people counting on her is another motivator, as Mariam makes it her mission to make a positive change in the lives of her employees.

“Whatever I can do in my ability to help or be there … that is something I take very personally, and I try to achieve no matter what,” she says.

Regardless of the situation, Mariam hates turning people away and always tries to work out an agreement whether it’s with clients or employees.

Sphere of Influence

Mariam comes from a big, loud family and grew up in Orlando, where she was super influenced by everything Disney. She’s the eldest of six children and has two younger sisters and three younger brothers. Her parents have always been so encouraging throughout her life and never let her down. Her family always had lots of pets growing up too, which always brought her joy. She currently has a German shepherd who’s 10 years old.

Mariam’s mom is the most influential person in her life. She came to America at 25 years old and started her life from scratch. It was she who taught her the meaning of perseverance.

Overcoming Past Challenges

Growing up as a first-generation American was a challenge in itself.

“Throughout my life, there have been hurdles as early as elementary,” she shares.

Being from Pakistan, she remembers kids asking curious questions about her accent and clothes. Being brought up in a way that’s different from others can be challenging, but she decided to change her perspective and take it as an opportunity to educate others and be herself. In her free time, Mariam volunteers at a local mosque and organizes weekly food drives that generate up to 1,000 boxes of food for the homeless.

You can always put a positive spin on a situation and learn something.

“Try to take all you’re experiencing in a learning matter … Turn it into a learning experience.”

Mariam says. She encourages others to not give in to negative self-talk because hanging on equals success and giving up equals failure.

“Don’t give up. There are always going to be obstacles.”

Be sure to keep up with Mary’s latest achievements by visiting ABM Technology LLC’s website — it has one of the coolest home pages we’ve ever seen!