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Gem story was written by: Stay Klassay

         “I can score goals and the perfect portrait shot.” Alejandro “Alejo” Hoyos

At a young age, Alejandro “Alejo” Hoyos embraced a gift that made him talented for anything that he touches. From receiving a soccer ball for his third birthday to using his mother’s Canon, he has now proclaimed himself as a professional soccer player and photographer.

Homeschooled his entire life, Alejo played soccer through various clubs in the community. After many years of experience, he was asked to try out for a professional indoor soccer team.

“I am  the youngest field player on the Orlando Seawolves reserve team.”

A second tier in the professional United States Soccer Association, a season usually lasts from November to March. Although he makes little money from this career, he has a side hustle in the photography industry as well.

His love for film was introduced by his parents who filmed a short film during his childhood inspired by their dancing career. During the creation, he was able to witness the behind-the-scenes of the project and even helped operate the camera sometimes.

“Many people don’t know this about me”.

The launch of his photography company A5 Productions started about two and a half years ago. Once his friends told him, he was inspired by the first letter of his name (A), and the number five is known as “his number” because that was his number in soccer (he also has five people in his family). He started taking pictures with his mom’s Christmas gift which happened to be a Canon Rebel T5. He learned most of his skills from YouTube University and practiced the skills he learned from videos. Alejo states that he is open to taking pictures of anything and learning new techniques. He has a love for videography as well and is trying to get more experience from it too. From portraits, cars, and even weddings… you want to hire Alejo for a friendly photo experience.

A shooting day for the young adult consists of charging camera batteries and finding an SD card with available storage. He usually doesn’t look at the weather beforehand but happens to always be blessed with blue skies and clouds. Before any shoot, he makes sure to study the location and notates the best shooting areas and angles. He wants to make sure he feels comfortable with a shooting location to make the model feel even more confident.

His long-term goal is to make it to the fourth tier in the USSA and make a living off playing the sport he loves the most. There is no doubt that Alejo will make his dream a reality, because of the support of his parents and younger siblings. Someday, fans will be studying his best angles to take shots while he plays on the field for Orlando City.

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