“Passionate stories. One Gem at a time.”

Welcome to Mom & Pop Gems! We are a marketing company that provides a platform for individuals to collaborate with each other and showcase themselves to prospective patrons. You can think of us as an online directory providing useful information about passionate people and businesses that you might want to connect with. 

You could also liken us to gem collectors! We are constantly searching for business owners who are driven by their passion, and when we find such hidden gems, we make it our mission to share them with the rest of the world using the power of storytelling! That’s what we’re interested here at Mom & Pop Gems: Passionate stories. One Gem at a time. 

You will likely find that reading about your own journey can be a surprising source of inspiration that motivates you to continue to add passionate moments and chapters to your story! Also, when people hear about what drives you, they in turn will be driven to what you are offering. We truly enjoy helping businesses connect with their communities in a more intimate way. And in addition to that, we want to continue to enhance our own skills, to become experts in the areas of marketing, sales alignment, and the written word.  And that’s all there is to know about us! 

Remember, here at Mom & Pop Gems, we are the Mom and Pop, and you are the Gem! So please, take the opportunity to tell us your amazing story. We can’t wait to hear it!