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Award Winning Voiceover Artist

“Me from yesterday. Me from last year. Basically, I want to be better than I was before.” – Leslie Olabisi

Mom-daughter duo Podcast 

“What if you had someone who gave you all of the seeds that you needed to grow a great life?” – Katharine Stahl

Radio Personality | Host | Model

“We control the media. The media does not control us.” – Mimi Mala

“I thank God I made the leap to start this business because now I can spend quality time with my family.”

“You Can Create an Entire World That Doesn’t Exist.” 

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Jennifer Yon

Jennifer Yon Agency

“In order for all of us to grow and reach our goals, sometimes we have to bring in the right partner.”  

Laura Dorsey

LLD Consulting

“My passion is education.”